Our first day  will be about dicovering the area where I live  to show you why I wouln’t want to live anywhere else !

 I love the picturesque little ports of Moëlan, there are 3 of them to choose from !!! I live within walking distance of an old fishing port, Brigneau . It used to be very active but it’s now  a quiet and picturesque « port de plaisance » hidden in a deep wooded ria .Over the years,it has attracted famous painters,writers and poets.

I have the choice of walking on the coastal path ,visiting picturesque places  and I can also visit a lot of historic towns.

Brittany has an unmistakable regional identity. People here love their Breton dancing,  music and  culture ; Brittany has got everything , the sea, the food, the art, the prehistoric sites…..


We’ll start our day the French way with croissants and baguettes and then go for a walk on the mythical GR34 coastal path. It runs round the entire Brittany peninsula and we can enjoy the spectacular views of the ocean and the wild and rugged coastline

After lunch, we’ll drive to the neolithic gallery grave of Kermeur Bihan, a prehistoric monument dating back several thousands of years   in woodland , protected by secular oak trees . From there , we can take a stroll to the little port of  Bélon before heading back home for an aperitif and  a typical Breton dinner !

Day 2 - Quimper and Douarnenez


Let’s discover the historic city of Quimper, the ancient capital of Cornouaille. . 

We’ll visit the cathedral of Saint-Corentin which is the greatest gothic contruction in Brittany, before dicovering the rich culture of Brittany , the traditional costumes and the furniture like the «  lit-clos » : beds inside their own wooden cupboards, closed in winter to keep people warm.

We’ll take a stroll through the pedestrianised medieval quarterd. The streets and squares keep the names of their historic trades.  Place au beurre was for the butter churners ,rue des bouchers for the butchers…

Then ,we’ll head to the fascinating town of Douarnenez  for lunch. Douarnenez is located on one of the most beautiful bays in Europe  and it’s also a workaday town with an active sardine fishing  and canning industry and three different ports.  We’ll visit the traditional canning factory of Kerbriant and watch the entire process of transforming the fish into preserves. At the end of the tour, we’ll enjoy a tasting of course! 

If we have time, we can stroll past the working fishing port and the mythical île Tristan to the Port-Musée where we can see some of the old Breton fishing boats afloat in the harbour. In the town we can stop off at a patisserie to buy some of the infamous Breton kouign amann cake to eat later - naughty but nice!


Day 3 - Lorient and Port-Louis

Day 3 is going to be all about Lorient and the battle of the Atlantic.

Lorient had a strategic position in Brittany and the Kéroman submarine base was built by the Germans from 1941 to 1943 for attacking the Atlantic convoys. Its presence is the reason why Lorient was at the heart of the battle of the Atlantic. The base was pounded by allied bombers from the allied aircraft but proved to be impregnable. Instead, the Allies decided to isolate the base by completely destroying the town of Lorient, but not before giving the inhabitants time to evacuate. That's why there are hardly any old buildings in Lorient.

At the end of the war, it was used  by the French navy until 1997 and was very active during the Cold War.3 Three impressive submarine pens make up  the base and Kéroman 3 is open to visitors. So, we’ll take a guided tour. The guides , as well as being knowledgeable are also helpful and really enthusiastic.

We’ll finish our visit  with a look inside the submarine Flore. You will be surprised at how cramped it is inside as you imagine the life of the crew members!


We’ll then take the ferry across the harbour to Port Louis, passing its C16 star-shaped fort. Port-Louis was the headquarters of the Compagnie des Indes, which traded with India and the Orient - hence the name of Lorient. It's a short stroll to have lunch in the lovely café "La Dame Blanche" which fhas its own  bookshop and is a well-known venue for literary talks and discussions


Then back on the ferry to Lorient for a bit of free time and a look at the shops!



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