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Trekking the Turquoise Coast
April 23rd – May 9th, 2021
August 27th – September 12th 2021
2650 USD Twin


Zerrin Sapmaz


PRICE: 2650 USD per person in double room.
Single Supplement: 550USD
Brief Information about this tour
Lycian Way
The total Lycian Way is 555km (344miles) long trail and chosen as one of 10 best trekking routes in
the world. We are going to trek the western part of this Lycian Way where we start from Fethiye
Ovacık to Patara. Of course we didn’t want you to miss some important and beautiful places to see
around of it that we included such as Fethiye Rock tombs, Kayakoy, Dalyan (Caunos ancient city) with
Turtle beach, Saklıkent.
Lycians who had been known with their self-confidence and liberalistic, martial traditions. They
founded large and small innumerable cities in this rugged geography like eagle nests. Also they
wanted to explain how their lives are on the high places like eagles by carving the rock tombs on the
walls of high mountains. They have a unique culture with their architectural style on temples,
buildings, rock tombs. Their region was called as “Country of light” on the Teke Peninsula where it is
bordered with Burdur-Golhisar on the north, Antalya on the East, Mugla-Koycegiz on the west.
 It is the best trekking trail of Turkey and one of 10 bests of the world.
 Max with 12 people as a small private group.
 Kayakoy ghost city, Fethiye, Ovacık, Babadağ, Butterfly valley, Faralya, Kabak Coves, Alınca
and Gey villages, Many local villages and lives on the road
 Walking in the foot print of Lycians and Country of Lights
 Stunning panoramic views
 Dalyan Delta Boat trip, Caunos Ancient city and swimming in Turtle beach
 Visiting Xantos Valley with Patara circuit, Xantos, Letoon ancient cities which are in the list of
 Lycian and Carian Rock tombs
 Saklıkent where is hidden in canyon and 20km long
 Bosporus cruise in Istanbul
 Boat trip in Kekova over sunken ancient city.

19 Mayıs Mah Halaskargazi Cd. Ünsal İş Merkezi, No:172, 4/157, Şişli/ İstanbul

+905321638779 –
 Magnificent view from Tahtali Mountain (235m) where highest point of Lycia
 Your luggage will continue by vehicle to overnight accommodations while trekking from one
destination to another one. So you do not have to carry heavy luggage or bag, while hiking.
Fill your battery and get ready. Let’s us inspire you as Peace Travel Service! You will amaze with
nature, history, culture and gastronomy in 10 days, and it will be an unforgettable memory in your
Leisure day and welcome dinner
We welcome and pick you up from Airport. Transfer to the hotel.
Everyone will be free during day and we are going to have a Bosporus cruise and welcome dinner in a
nice quite restaurant to meet and talk about the 2 weeks what to do. Stay overnight in Istanbul.
Hotel will be 4-5 stars hotel in city center
After landing to Antalya we drive to Phaselis ancient city from Antalya Airport which takes around an
hour. Antalya is one of most fascinating destinations in the world and Turkey with its turquoise
waters, historical sights. First we drive up to cable car station to go up to highest point of Lycia,
Tahtali Mountain (2375m). Have a tea break there and we visit Phaselis Ancient city and swim by the
ancient harbor there. We swim in a naturally divine place full of history, next to historical ruins from
4 th century BC. In an ancient harbor. This must be precisely the case in Phaselis. Also we are going to
have so tasty lunch in a beautiful area and drive to our hotel in Çıralı by the Olimpos Mountain. Çırali
is a unique beach itself with long sandy beach which is one of the protected beaches where
Loggerhead Sea turtles come along to lay their eggs.
We stay overnight in a cozy bungalow boutique hotel, Çıralı.
In the morning, we will be transferred to the village of Ulupınar where is the beginning point of
Lycian Way. We head towards Chimera and coast of Chimera which is Çıralı. The eternal flame of
Chimera had been named after a mythological fire-breathing beast, part goat, part lion and part
snake. This preternatural phenomenon is a series of 2 dozen. Actually permanent fires emerging
from ground which caused by methane emissions. It is in Olympos National Park towards the top of
300m high hill. After trekking 8.5km long from Ulupınar to Çıralı beach, either you can enjoy this
sandy unique beach or If you feel like some further walking you can always head towards the
Olympos Ancient city in beautiful Akdere Creek.

19 Mayıs Mah Halaskargazi Cd. Ünsal İş Merkezi, No:172, 4/157, Şişli/ İstanbul

+905321638779 –
Walking distance from Ulupınar to Cirali beach: 8.5km (5.5miles)takes around 3 hours; 200m ascent,
450m descent. When we continue to Olympos Ancient city: 13km (8miles) total walking.
Stay overnight in cozy boutique bungalow hotel in Çıralı.
Today’s trekking is all inland and much more demanding. While following the Lycian Way, we ascend
through a canyon with gravel path to high grazing area. While reaching higher ridge, great views of
amazing peak of Mount Olympos accompany us. Along the ridge line, we now walk beneath the
flanks of Mount Moses, where a boat shaped stone formation was found. We continue through
meadows the route and then start to descend through a limestone gorge to emerge at the
fascinating beautiful Adrasan Bay. We have a break here to swim.
Dinner and overnight in a nice boutique hotel, Adrasan.
Trekking distance of today; Approx. 17.5km (10miles) which takes around 8 hours. Approx. 900m
ascent and descent.
Today will be a truly wonderful day of coastal trekking lies as we walk to the upper lighthouse at
Gelidonia Cape. We have short drive to beginning of trail to high above the coastline. Trekking route
occasionally follows the cliff edge itself and affords amazing views to hidden coves below. We climb
to reach a crest and then descends to the upper lighthouse at contouring the hills of this remote
Gelidonia Peninsula. Tis famous lighthouse has no electricity or phone. And then we start to head
down through pine forest to reach the shore of Pirate Beach where we have swimming break. Our
driver will pick us up from Pirate beach take us to our hotel in Karaoz village.
Dinner and overnight in Karaoz.
Trekking distance is approx.. 13km (8 miles) which takes around 6 hours with 700m of ascent and
Today is the day of historical sights. No trekking today. After breakfast we drive to Demre town
where we can visit Myra ancient city and St. Nicholas Church. Myra ancient city is quite well
preserved theater, Lycian rock tombs on the walls of the mountain and acropolis. Myra had gained its
widespread fame because of many miracles attributed to its bishop St. Nicholas. St Nicholas who was
born in Patara 290AD. Until 313, decleration of Emperor Constantin about the freedom of
Christianity, He was helping to Chirsitians, supporting them. Also He was known with his charities to
oprphans and all poor public. When he died in 345, he became very symbolic Saints in Christian
world. There is a long story about St Nicholas about his miracles and how he become Santa Claus
which I am going to inform you during trip. The Church was built on burial place of him in 520AD. We

19 Mayıs Mah Halaskargazi Cd. Ünsal İş Merkezi, No:172, 4/157, Şişli/ İstanbul

+905321638779 –
have a lunch in a local restaurant and continue to visit Andriake harbor ancient city. After our visits,
we go back to our hotel and have a rest until dinner. Dinner and stay overnight in Karaöz.
After our early breakfast, we will be transferred by our bus to Kapaklı village which takes around 1
hour 20mn. We start walking from Kapaklı to Gokkaya and then through Kekova. The walking path
way with many trees pastures and magnificent view of the coves lead to Kekova. After Gokkaya bay
we walk through Simena located on a rocky peak of 40m height over the sea. The small village
Kalekoy lies admist a Lycian necropolis, which is partially sunken underwater. We have swimming
break there. On its northern part, also some mosaic pieces can be seen in ancient ruins where is
partly sunken –of Dolchiste, an ancient town which was destroyed with an earthquake in 2 nd century
AD. Also on the way to Kekova we pass the small boat shipyard and very charming village Ucagiz.
Dinner and stay overnight in Kekova, Ucagiz.
Trekking distance 10.5km (7miles) long which takes approx. 4 hours: 275m of ascent and descent.
After breakfast, We have a nice and easy walk to Aperlai ancient city by the magnificent views of
Kekova island. Aperlai ancient city is mostly unexcavated area. But basilica, house ruins, city walls,
lots of potsherds, Roman, and Lycian tombs can be seen. After visiting Aperlai ancient city our boat
will pick us up from here for a daily boat trip. This area with Kekova island, Ucagiz (Theimussa ancient
city), Kalekoy (Simena) must be named heaven. This area is where nature, turquoise waters unites
with its history. Kekova island with tersane bay stretches out the historical sunken city across from
Kalekoy where is only accessible by boat. Kekova island had been declared as a protected area by the
Mınıstry of Environment and Forestry in 1990. Because of this declaration, swimming in sunken city
was forbidden. The ruins of Byzantine church can be seen from Tersane bay and can be accessed only
by boat where we can visit ruins and swim. After boat trip we sail to Kas. On the way we may visit
some bays, especially Limanagzi bay where there are some ruins of world’s oldest ship. Kas was
originally called “Antiphellos”(meaning stony place) because of harbor in front of city Phellos across
from Kas. Antiphellos city was quite important port town during Hellenistic ear. There is a Greek
island called Megisti just opposite of Kas which gives fine panoramic view.
Dinner and stay overnight in Kas.
Walking distance 8km (5miles) which takes 3.5 hours with 235m ascent and descent.
Patara circuit was only place to sail in Xantos valley which is in UNESCO World Heritage. It
was also birthplace of St Nicolas who was the father of orphans and known as Father Christmas

. Also earliest parliament house and light house of history in the world. Light house
was built by Roman Emperor Neron during 64AD.
We walk from Delikkemer by the line of Aqueducts which brought water to Patara, capital of
Lycia. To Patara circuit. Our bus will leave us on the road to go to Delikkemer with amazing
reverse siphon system and then to Patara circuit. In the afternoon we enjoy the beach of
Patara by the golden sand dunes. We stay overnight in a simple boutique hotel in Patara.
Trekking approx. 8km (5miles). 380m of ascent 286 m of descent.
Today visit the main ancient cities of Lycia as Xantos – the capital of Lycia, Letoon with its
ancient ruins. Xantos and Letoon ancient cities are in the list of UNESCO as the main cities of
Lycia. Then Visit Saklikent Canyon (Hidden City), the second largest canyon (20 km long) in
Europe. We are going to walk as much as we can in canyon and have lunch there. It is a
stunning place, with sculpted walls soaring high above. After lunch we visit Pinara ancient
city - one of the main cities of Lycia, see a theater, temple foundations, tombs carved out of
rock and free standing, an agora, and baths there. Some of the ruins were well preserved
under the sand dunes. We visit Parliament building recently restored, which is thought to be
earliest federal parliament of history. We can have a swimming and refreshing drink at the
sandy beach before sunset. And then we drive back to Patara.
Dinner and stay overnight in Patara.
After having breakfast, we start our day early. We drive around 30mn. to Sidyma ancient city
and get informed by our guide in Sidyma Acropolis city while visiting sight with Sarchapogies,
Rock tombs. And then our driver will leave us there to trek through the Gey village where
Yediburunlar (Seven noses) light house is. We trek among pine forest from bare escarpment
with gorgeous views through the Rhodes Greek Island, after getting out steep valley among
the bushes and red barked strawberry trees. Also we absent from Sidyma Acropolis with
view to Mount Akdag (3045m / 9990ft) across the Xanthos valley. After having lunch İN Gey
village we keep trekking to Alınca village where our driver will pick us up and drive to Kabak
cove. When we reach Alinca, at the stunning viewpoint where "Seven Capes" spread out
below us, we end the day there. Dinner and stay overnight in Kabak cove.
Total trekking of today approx. 18km (11miles) which takes around 7 hours with 610m
ascent and 600m descent.

19 Mayıs Mah Halaskargazi Cd. Ünsal İş Merkezi, No:172, 4/157, Şişli/ İstanbul

+905321638779 –
We start our day quite early again after having breakfast. We drive to same point in Alınca
where we ended trekking one day before. Instead of climbing we descend to abandon
terraced fields, splendid sea view of Blue Lagoon will welcome us. Even we can see long
peninsulas of Fethiye through Datça as a top view. Even Rhodes Island is visible on a very
clear day. Climbing on an ancient Roman path up apparently impassable valley where the
views improving every step high down above the untouched beach of Kabak. When we reach
Kabak Cove, we give a break to have lunch and enjoy the beautiful beach of Kabak Cove.
(For people who have had enough hiking today, our bus can pick up to take them to hotel at
Faralya. But We do not advise it. An amazing view of Blue Lagoon will lead us along the trail
through Faralya from Kabak cove. After swimming break in Kabak Cove, we descend to the
Kelebekler (Butterfly) Valley walking along dry waterfalls. It gets its name from the unique butterfly
species. The valley is located at the base of Mount Babadag and is protected by the World Heritage
Foundation. We stay overnight in Faralya where there is a stunning view of Butterfly Valley.
Total trekking approx. 10km (6miles) which takes around 5 hours with 420m ascent and
1100m descent.
We start day early today before sunrise. Today’s route of trail is the most striking route of
Lycian Way program. With a gradually descent over a unique view of Blue Lagoon will reach
the Mt Babadag where we have opportunity to watch the paragliders. We have a long way
but as much as beautiful. We trek from Faralya through Ovacık via shoulders of Babadağ
mountain(2000m/6500ft). We are going to walk on ancient Roman road to Faralya which is
totally around 15km(9.5miles) long by spectacular views of Blue Lagoon and Babadağ
Mountain and St Nicholas island which is very famous in all over the world. Our final
destination of today is Ovacık where is the final point of Lycian Way on the west. . Our lunch
will be sandwich today. And It is advised to take enough water for all day long, because of
not having enough water spring on the route. We reach our hotel and have a rest until
dinner. We stay in a nice boutique hotel in Blue Lagoon Total trekking of today approx. 15km
(9.5miles), takes around 5 hours with 575m ascent and 500m descent.
After having breakfast we start to trek to Kayakoy from Blue Lagoon which is around 7km
long (4.5miles) This road from Blue Lagoon to Kayakoy was an ancient road which had been
used over 2000 years by caravans. Also spectacular view of Oludeniz(BLue Lagoon) go along
and say goodbye to us. We visit the buildings and have enough information in Kayakoy

19 Mayıs Mah Halaskargazi Cd. Ünsal İş Merkezi, No:172, 4/157, Şişli/ İstanbul

+905321638779 –
(Livissi-Karmylassos) which was a Greek town during ottoman period until population
exchange in 1923. We have a lunch in Kayakoy and keep walking to Fethiye from ancient
commercial road through Lycian Rock tombs. We we reach to the crusader Castle we can see
panoramic view of Fethiye. After completing our trail and visiting we drive back to our hotel
in Blue Lagoon.
Total trek of day 15km (9.5miles) 750m Ascent, 750m descent.
We have an optional day today. We can book paragliding tour and enjoy this attraction. Or
just relax at the hotel and enjoy the sandy beach in Blue Lagoon.
Dinner and stay overnight in Blue Lagoon. (Lunch is not included today)
After having breakfast in our hotel, we drive to Dalyan town where is located by delta
between Koycegiz Lake and Mediterranean Sea. Turtle beach is a sandy beach where fresh
water of Dalyan delta reaches to sea water. Logger head turtles lay the eggs to the nests in
the sands over million years. We are going to have sailing in Dalyan Delta by local fishing
boats via Carian Rock Tombs and Caunos ancient city. Also we are going to visit Caunos
ancient city and have a swimming break on the beach in the afternoon. Today is last day of
Lycian trail. After completing our program we go to Dalaman Airport to catch the flight to
Istanbul. Have a dinner at the hotel in Istanbul.
17 TH DAY: Istanbul airport transfer.
***P.S.: Our guests can have a complimentary guided classic Istanbul tour who can have available
time in last day. We visit, Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome, Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace and Grand
Bazaar or Spice Bazaar. Meals and Admission fees will be excluded in this tour. Only transportation
and Professional guidance will be included.

 A private mini bus who does our transfers, and follow our group to carry bags and luggage.
 A licensed official tour guide who is experienced of ancient sights and history, culture of area.
 *An experienced pioneer trekking leader and a gear staff to perform the trekking well with
minimum risks.
 Shuttle service to and from the airport in Istanbul
 1 Welcome dinner in Istanbul
 15 dinners (in the hotels or casual local restaurants to taste the good food of area).

19 Mayıs Mah Halaskargazi Cd. Ünsal İş Merkezi, No:172, 4/157, Şişli/ İstanbul

+905321638779 –
 15 lunches (Most of lunches will be sandwiches during day when we don't have any chance
to find a restaurant on the route).
 16 nights BB accommodation nice boutique hotels
 Compulsory Package Tour Liability Insurance
 Travel Health Insurance which covers accidents, sudden health problems and covid-19.
 Extreme sports health insurance (It covers the places where we trek.)
 2 domestic flight tickets
 Admission fees of sights and museums written in itinerary
 Complimentary bottled water in the bus (We offer free unlimited water in the bus. But this
waters shouldn’t be taken to restaurants where we have dinner or lunch.)
 Highway and car park expenses
 Headphone systems to hear guide easily
 Boat trip in Kekova
 Cable car ticket to Tahtalı Mountain
 All kind of drinks
 All kind of personal expenses
 Optional activities such as paragliding etc which is not written in itinerary
 We do travel health insurance which covers accidents, communicable disease (If it is passed
on in Turkey). But we advise you to have your own insurance.
 Optional tipping for guide and driver
 Our tours are always away from tourist trap and we do not prefer to keep our guest in
touristic shops, restaurants etc. Also we prefer to keep group small to enjoy more,
understand guide information well, ask and answer questions enough.
 While booking tour, our guests must give all details about arrival and departure time of flight,
number of people, any allergic conditions, meal preferences, health problems, name of
people well.
 The Hotels and restaurants on the route of our trail are local, casual, traditional and clean
places. Therefore, we shouldn’t hope luxury service in the villages. But everyone will have
private bathroom, shower in the rooms. The capabilities are quite limited. Because many
trekkers make reservations and there are limited accommodation on the route of trail,
especially where we can enjoy the best view and atmosphere. They are going to be clean,
nice, cozy accommodation. Even these accommodations may cost more than normal touristic
hotels sometimes.
 Guests must have very comfortable shoes to walk on cobblestone surfaces, inclines and 10-
30 steps in a day. We recommend a hat and sun cream as there may be limited shade. Do not
forget swimming suits too. Also, Guests should watch their step at all times in order to avoid
 A Professional knowledgeable guide will be guiding our guest all time.

19 Mayıs Mah Halaskargazi Cd. Ünsal İş Merkezi, No:172, 4/157, Şişli/ İstanbul

+905321638779 –
 All our guests will have travel insurance legally which was approved by TURSAB.
 This tour is going to be long hour tour to visit the sights. But each moment is worth doing!
 According to the intensity of the region, the content can be changed by the tour guide,
provided that the content remains the same
 TGZ Tourism cannot be held responsible for trips that cannot be made or made incomplete
due to force majeure (weather, road conditions, etc).
 TGZ Tourism (PEACE TRAVEL SERVICE) can change the hotel selection

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